Global Analysis of Dynamic Models in Economics and Finance (gebundenes Buch)

Essays in Honour of Laura Gardini
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2012
Einband: gebundenes Buch
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InhaltsangabeIntroduction.- Problems and Trends in Global Economic Dynamics (Including Specific Examples): Recent Developments on Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Adaptive Behaviour of Financial Markets.- Modeling House Price Dynamics with Heterogeneous Speculators.- A Reconsideration of the Formal Minskyan Analysis.- Global Bifurcations in a Complementarity Game.- A Little Help from My Friend.- Pattern Formation in Economic Geography.- A Three-region New Economic Geography Model in Discrete Time.- Chaotic Dynamics in Organization Theory.- One-dimensional Discontinuous Piecewise-linear Maps and the Dynamics of Financial Markets.- Consistency of Linear Forecasts in a Nonlinear Stochastic Economy.- A Homoclinic Route to Volatility.- Mathematical Methods and Philosophy for Global Analysis of Dynamical Systems: Image Entropy for Discrete Dynamical Systems.- Embedding a Dim1 Piecewise Continuous and Linear Leonov Map into a Dim2 Invertible Map.- A Gallery of Bifurcation Scenarios in Piecewise Smooth 1D Maps.- Periodic Orbits and Their Bifurcations in 3D Maps with a Separate Third Iterate.- Complexities of Natural Selection Synamics.